Thank you for choosing plants from New Leaf Nursery!  Being a local, family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in providing extensive zone specific plant knowledge, friendly customer service, and lasting value to our customers and community.  Part of that commitment to providing value is honored by guaranteeing our plants.

Our guarantee provides for replacement of the plant as long as it was adequately watered and cared for.  It does not provide for removal of the plant, or planting of the replacement.  This guarantee is effective for the entire calendar year in which it was sold and does not include plants damaged by mechanical devices, herbicides, insects, animals, acts of God, or neglect.  Furthermore, it excludes:  annuals, roses, clearance items and previous replacements for past purchases.

If you need a replacement tree or shrub, you are required to bring in the dead plant along with your sales receipt.  No exceptions.  Before digging up a plant, please call us first.

We hope you have a lifetime of enjoyment with your new purchase.  Should you have any questions or need advice at any time, please don't hesitate to call (208) 762-4825 and we will assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for choosing New Leaf Nursery.

-Ben Christen, GM